He remodeled (earlier this year 2014) a bathtub to a shower system so that it would be more accessible for my elderly mother-in-law. He had to do a lot of work to get the piping and concrete done. It was a tough job as there were “concrete flooring issues” that came up unexpectedly.  He also surprised us and added some beautiful tile trim (at no additional cost) to the shower and he added that same trim when he re-tiled the bathroom floor.  He also had our toilet replaced to a low-flow, duel flush system.

He did everything he said he would do and more!  We agreed to the price before the work was done and nothing changed. We put down a small deposit against the total price of $5,000 (which I thought was a great price). He was just fabulous! He was a very skilled and honest tradesman and a hard worker. Every single night during the 6 day job, he left no mess behind. He swept and cleaned up everything. He truly went above and beyond. We were very impressed. I was leery at the start because he runs some nice size ads in the L.A. Times but I couldn’t find much information about him. I asked for and called his references and everyone confirmed his legitimacy and they were all happy with his work

After the bathroom remodel, our home air conditioning system went down during a heat wave.  I called the company that installed the system and they came out and quoted me over $3,000.00 to replace the unit.  I then called Manny to see what his price would be.  He and a helper came out and just replaced some major parts and the cost was under $500.  The air conditioner has been working perfectly since then.

I would highly recommend him and his company, Fort Construction.